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C-ATS is a unique acoustical treatment system designed to offer the maximum performance with the minimum loss of space across all frequencies.

Whilst many solutions already existed on the market none of them successfully combined the required levels of performance with the need to minimise the loss of valuable wall space.


C-ATS has been designed to specifically address the “three Rs of acoustics” – Resonance, Reverberation and Reflection.

Each component in the system is targeted at one of these three acoustical problems resulting in a comprehensive and repeatable solution that remains easy to install and integrate in to the room. All of this is achieved within a depth of just 50mm.

C-ATS Packs

The easiest packaged sound improvement solution

A pre-packaged solution using C‑ATS proprietary Scattering Panel and Foamsorber panels to optimise Reverberation and Reflection.

Each C‑ATS Pack contains 12 Scattering Panels and 12 Foamsorber panels each 30cm square and 5cm deep. At least two C‑ATS Packs should be used and the solution can then be increased in coverage to deliver the maximum performance at any given budget.

C‑ATS Packs are installed according to the C‑ATS layout guidelines document. The compact size of the individual panels makes them easy to integrate into almost any interior design scheme.

C-ATS Complete

The ultimate bespoke sound improvement solution

A bespoke design solution using C‑ATS proprietary Multipanel and Scattering Panel to completely optimise the “three Rs of acoustics” – Resonance, Reverberation and Reflection.

C‑ATS Complete must be installed on all four walls and can optionally be installed on the ceiling when the best possible result is required.

Each C‑ATS Complete project is custom designed using our proprietary modelling tools to ensure a perfect result and is supported with a report and project specific layout template.


C‑ATS is already the critical component of many of the highest performing home cinema systems.

We are delighted that you are considering C‑ATS for your own home cinema where it will maximise the performance of your chosen audio solution for years to come.

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